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Welcome to the Orihuela Costa Website

Thank you for visiting the website of Orihuela Costa, a channel of communication to assist citizens and visitors to learn more about the facilities and services within the Orihuela Costa area. On this website you will find information about interesting places within Orihuela Costa and you can keep up to date about various activities in our area.

If you wish to provide information which may be of interest to the citizens of Orihuela Costa or visitors to this area and you want to have it published on this website, then please send it to us and we will consider including it.

Street map Orihuela Costa

Here you find a streetmap of Orihuela Costa with the autobus line: Street map Orihuela Costa

Callejero de Orihuela Costa

Siesta Radio

To enjoy in Orihuela Costa

Beaches, Coastline and Pine Groves
Orihuela Costa has 16 kilometres of coastline which varies from rugged coastline with crystal-clear water to fine white sandy beaches. These beaches are ideal for water-sports, fishing etc., or for just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful Orihuela Costa weather. »


Playa Flamenca

The Orihuela Costa and Vega Baja areas provide an abundance of quality fresh fruit and vegetables for the kitchens of the Orihuela Costa. Typical Spanish dishes for our area are "Cocido con pelotas", "Guiso de pavo", "Paella huertana", "Jjudías estofadas" and the signature dish for our area is: "El arroz con costra". »
Orihuela Costa offers a wide range of restaurants featuring dishes not only from Spain but also from all over the world.

Virtual Tour

Tour Virtual

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With our Virtual Tour you can visit the area of Orihuela Costa from your computer!

Orihuela Costa TV

Beaches of Orihuela Costa

Golf courses


Real Club de Golf Campoamor Resort
Real Club de Golf Campoamor Resort

Real Club de Golf Campoamor Resort

Mirador de Orihuela

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With our Virtual Tour you can visit the area of Orihuela Costa from your computer!

Colegio de Santo Domingo

Here you can find more virtual tours of Orihuela and Orihuela Costa!

*** Orihuela Costa on Youtube - Broadcast yourself ***


Orihuela Costa Coastal Path

Baile Folklórico en Orihuela Costa
Presentation of the music and folk festival ... »

Sport in Orihuela Costa
I Carrera Popular Orihuela Costa
1st Fun Run in Orihuela Costa

The fotos ot the Regatta 2009 you can find here: Regatta 2009

Regatta 2009

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To enjoy in Orihuela Costa

Sierra de Escalona
The Sierra Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor are two of the most important natural beauty enclaves in the Valencian Community.
Sierra de Escalona will become the 23rd official Nature Park of the Comunitat Valenciana.

Sierra de Escalona

The best Golf courses
In the last few years there has been growing demand as more and more people visit Spain to enjoy Golf in a Spansish setting. In line with this demand the number and quality of these courses have increased and the standard of golf-course also continues to improve. The Orihuela Costa has several enjoyable and demanding golf-courses and by listening to the opinions of golfers, whether local or visitors, this standard will continue to improve.
Golf tourism will remain an important part of the Orihuela Costa outlook. »

Club de Golf Las Ramblas

Historic Orihuela
The historic and cultural past of the area is conserved carefully and with pride. This is evident in the quality of much of the historic buildings in Orihuela which are recognised as being of great artistic and cultural value.
There are also many interesting Museums and Collections to be visited.


Fire, Music, Light and Colour ...
During the year many festivals take place in the local villages which encourage citizen participation, great displays of colour and musical entertainment. These festivals are very attractive to the tourist and they are culturally of great importance with a variety of different topics being themed such as religion, popular themes or history. Fiestas are an integral part of Spanish society. »

Moros y Cristianos
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Football Club Orihuela Costa

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